how it works

No fuzz, no hassle, just 3 easy steps.

Step 1:
Shampoo or
Moisturizing Shampoo

  • Cleans and builds body without sulfate stripping of vital nutrients or hair color
  • Helps eliminates sebum and styling build-up at the follicle
  • Invigorates the scalp
  • Compatible with keratin straightening systems.

You may alternate with VoluMedic Moisturizing Shampoo according to lifestyle and environment.

Step 2:
Thickening Conditioner

  • Thickens each hair shaft for added body
  • Smooths and protects the surface of the hair
  • Adds life to fine or thinning hair
  • Stimulates the scalp

VoluMedic Thickening Conditioner energizes and refreshes the scalp. It helps strengthen weak hair and increases hair thickness for add body and volume

Step 3:
Scalp stimulator

  • Helps increase the flow of nutrients for healthy hair
  • Promotes the Anagen, productive phase of the hair cycle
  • Helps clear clogged hair follicles
  • Safe and effective, stimulating formula
  • Hair color safe
  • Contains no paraben preservatives, artificial dyes or fragrances
The VoluMedic Scalp Stimulator promotes fuller, thicker, healthy hair by optimizing the Anagen (active growth) follicle stage and removing sebum build-up and accumulated DHT. It promotes healthy scalp and the conditions for new hair growth, while adding body to existing, fine hair.