Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will VoluMedic damage my color treated hair?
    All VoluMedic products are color safe. We pioneered the development of non-sulfate daily haircare for fine and thinning hair treatment.
  • How long has VoluMedic been around?
    VoluMedic was introduced in 2015 after two years of active ingredient and final formula testing in both the US and Europe.
  • Where are these products manufactured?
    VoluMedic products are manufactured in the United States at our ISO 9000 approved facility.
  • Do you test your products on animals?
    All our products are cruelty-free.
  • Do your products cure baldness?
    When the hair loss has progressed to a stage where the hair follicles have atrophied and hair production has ceased, VoluMedic will not be effective. It is recommended for the earlier stages of thinning and loss, where the percentage resting and dormant stage follicles are increasing and those in the active stage are starting to decrease.
  • I have dandruff , will VoluMedic help?
    VoluMedic is not a dandruff cure. However excessively dry hair and scalp will benefit from use of our Moisturizing Shampoo, within the VoluMedic regimen.
  • How long does VoluMedic take to work?
    Hair grows approximately one half inch per month. Existing hair will feel thicker with a few uses of shampoo and conditioner. The stimulating effect of the Scalp Treatment produces noticeable results in 60-90 days.
  • I notice some reddening of my scalp with the Scalp Stimulator, is this normal?
    Yes, the effect may be more pronounced on those with fair complexions, however this is normal and should fade within 20-30 minutes.
  • My hair was damaged in a straightening service. Will VoluMedic help it grow back?
    That depends on exactly what the damage was. If the scalp was injured by a chemical and the hair released at the scalp, it should help after the chemical shock has subsided, providing that the follicles were not permanently damaged. If the hair was damaged to the point of breaking at some point above the scalp, due to over processing, we would suggest a two step protein treatment for strengthening.
  • Is VoluMedic a men’s product?
    VoluMedic does not use hormone therapy and works equally well for men or women with a thinning problem, or as a preventative regimen.
  • If I use Rogaine or Propecia, can I use VoluMedic as well?
    VoluMedic is compatible with both authentic Rogaine and Propecia. Products sourced outside the U.S. have sometimes been found to be counterfeit. When using non-Treatment daily care, support products (Shampoo, Conditioner) we strongly recommend that only sulfate free products be used on fine/ thinning hair.
  • Do I need to use the whole system?
    For the best results, we recommend the system.
  • How often should I use each product?
    We recommend Scalp Stimulator once each day and should be applied after washing, on Shampoo days. Shampoo and conditioner use may vary with climate, activity and other variables. Most find that they prefer to alternate between the two shampoos, increasing the use of the Moisturizing shampoo as shampoo frequency increases humidity decreases or if hair is chemically processed.
  • Are VoluMedic products good for all hair types?
    It’s true that even younger consumers with full thick hair may show signs of receding or have a family history of loss at a later age. For both of these cases, VoluMedic is an excellent preventative regimen. VoluMedic is excellent on all hair types and is a simple system which avoids unnecessary complexities of numerous ‘stage’ formulas.